A Leading Highway Maintenance Contractor

Incorporated in 1958 and with a history stretching back to the late nineteenth century, Henry Williams is an experienced highway maintenance contractor with wide experience and knowledge of surface dressing, civil engineering and associated trades. This ensures that specifications and designs meet with our clients’ financial and quality requirements, avoiding costly over-specification whilst maintaining quality performance.

Most of our services are delivered by our in-house, multi-skilled teams, ensuring the necessary controls on programming and quality. Where the services of specialist sub-contractors are required, we enjoy the benefits of a loyal and experienced supply chain.

Case Studies

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Road construction and highway maintenance for the whole of the network not just part of it – providing an efficient and cost-effective end to end service.

A Highly Experienced Highway Maintenance Contractor

Highway Civil Engineering 

Our wealth of expertise in civil engineering and infrastructure projects allows our specialist teams to deliver exceptional quality, working with a wide array of governmental, commercial, private, and public sector organisations.

We offer comprehensive highway civil engineering services, from earthworks to asphalt macadam surfacing, drainage works and service provisions, ensuring that your completed development is ready to go without additional time and management pressures associated with multiple contractors.

Henry Williams & Son works diligently throughout the planning phase to understand your requirements, project deliverables, timescales, and scope, utilising our multi-skilled in-house workforce to deliver end-to-end projects compliant with NRSWA Section 38 and Section 278 regulations.

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asphalt surfacing

Asphalt Surfacing

As one of the longest-established asphalt surfacing contractors in the UK, we have decades of knowledge around surfacing solutions and surface treatments, using a combination of paving equipment and skills to adapt to the scope, size, and nature of your surfacing project.

We can provide hand-laid and machine-laid asphalt surfacing, specialist surfacing materials such as resin, and offer advice around cost-effective options, laying techniques and treatments for longevity, performance, and efficiency.

Our extensive professional networks ensure we source materials from reputable, competitive asphalt suppliers, passing on savings to you, with a full-service team providing every aspect of your asphalt surfacing from start to finish.

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Surface Dressing

The surface dressings used on roads, driveways, footpaths, canal paths, cycleways, carriageways, or car parks are fundamental to durability, road user safety and cost-effectiveness. Options include anti-skid surfaces or reparatory dressings to improve the aesthetic appearance of driving routes or pedestrian passageways.

We custom-blend polymer-modified binders for each surface dressing project to guarantee optimal strength and invulnerability to chipping, surface damage or deterioration during extreme weather conditions or in periods of extensive use.

Surface aggregates range in size from finer-grade blends to substantial 14 mm substrate aggregates, designed to cater to every requirement from decorative residential driveways to robust commercial spaces, public highways, and functional footpaths.

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asphalt preservation

Asphalt Preservation 

Our asphalt preservation services are an excellent opportunity to repair and upgrade the performance, strength and life cycle of an asphalt road, carriageway, or entrance route, enhancing organisational sustainability and avoiding excessive costs where asphalt does not need to be replaced entirely.

Intelligent preservation treatments are compatible with any road or footway, ensuring you can maintain roads and through routes to the highest standards while implementing good surface conditions for the years to come.

We use Rhinophalt® preservation treatments, protecting your investment in asphalt surfacing, increasing the usable lifespan of asphalt by as much as 100%, and reducing long-term upkeep and reactive maintenance costs.

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Bond Coating and Vertical Joint Sealing

Bond coating and vertical jointing are in high demand to ensure surfacing meets health and safety requirements and evolving legislation. Our surface preparation services include machine-applied polymer-modified bond coatings, applied at precise spread rates for future-proof performance.

We deploy a range of emulsion tankers depending on the size and nature of the surface area, alongside combination spreaders that apply polymer-modified bitumen to vertical surfaces. Our contracting teams can also over-band to seal and safeguard the free edges of carriages with exposed verges.

Surface preparation requires a diligent approach to safety, performance and long-standing road surfaces that outperform conventional hand-laid applications and ensure the finished effect is perfectly even, level, and consistently distributed.

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Re-tread is an environmentally sustainable process consistent with departmental and governmental objectives in terms of enhancing the safety and quality of roadways and footpaths without unnecessary expense, material usage or disposal of older surfacing.

The process involves planing and regrading existing aggregates, reprofiling the surfacing material before combining it with emulsion and bitumen, and compacting the application to ensure a level, safe and high-performance surface system.

Henry Williams & Son can advise on the appropriate options, with graded surfacing suitable for HGV traffic, high-volume carriageways, pedestrian footways, and car parks. We can also re-tread surfaces for private yards, depots, and facilities, using innovative recycling processes to meet corporate sustainability targets.

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Specialist Fencing

Our fencing branch provides a comprehensive service, from design and material selection to bespoke security fencing, automated access control entrance gates and architectural screens for privacy, security, and site user safety.

We work with clients across the private and public sectors, using specialist fencing knowledge to suggest materials, construction techniques, dimensions, heights and depths of fencing components or panels to meet your requirements.

Fencing is a core part of the infrastructure for highways safety, commercial businesses, materials storage, loading bays and premises with additional specifications regarding anti-climb, anti-tamper, or alarm-activated fencing solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Accreditations Does Henry Williams & Son Have?

We are proud to be highly qualified, accredited, and compliant with every relevant regulation or legislation, with, among other designations:

  • BSI ISO:45001 and ISO:9001
  • NHSS Membership – National Highway Sector Schemes
  • RSTA Membership – Road Surface Treatments Association
  • Constructionline Gold Membership
  • SSIP Acclaim Accreditation
  • SMAS Worksafe Contractor
  • Avetta Membership
  • Lanta Awards Approval
  • PlanetMark Membership

Why Choose Henry Williams & Son as your Highway Maintenance contractor?

Our organisation has been incorporated for 65 years and dates back even further, with broad expertise in every aspect of civil engineering, highway maintenance and surface dressing.

We pride ourselves on meeting exacting specifications, financial requirements, and the highest quality standards in every project, with multi-skilled professional teams offering comprehensive services, support, and project guidance. To find out more about our highway maintenance services, get in touch with Henry Williams & Sons today.