Asphalt Preservation

Asphalt Preservation Contractors

Growing in demand, asphalt preservation is a very sustainable and cost-effective process, where the service life of a road or footway surface course can be significantly extended. 

Working with ASI Solutions’ RHiNOPHALT asphalt preservation treatment is extremely effective for increasing the service life of all types of road and footway surfaces, where our specialist, bespoke plant is used to apply RHiNOPHALT.

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RHiNOPHALT is an investment not a cost. It produces outcomes-extending the life of the surfaces of asphalt infrastructure as well as reducing costs and maintaining condition.

By preserving the asphalt surface with Rhinophalt and protecting the pavement, making it last longer, is one of the most sustainable asphalt maintenance systems available. Extending the life of the surface course by up to 100% reduces the number of times you need to resurface as well as reduce reactive maintenance. Sustainability through preservation conserves the valuable mineral resources and fossil fuel binders.

Benefits include:

  • Slows the oxidisation and deterioration of the carriageway or footway surface.
  • Significant reduction in carbon footprint (over 90%).
  • Significant reduction in disruption to road users (up to 40,000 sq.m. per shift, with night time application and road-marking reinstated in the same shift).
  • Reduces the demand for reactive maintenance, with fewer potholes and less insurance claims.
  • Does not prevent other treatments from being used in the pavement life cycle, as it just keeps green and light amber roads in good condition for longer.
  • Any asphalt surface in a reasonable condition, typically 1-2 years from needing reactive maintenance, can be treated, then retreated again after 5 and 10 years to extend the life of the surface by up to 15 years.
  • No need to adjust ironworks.


protects, and significantly extends the service life of the asphalt infrastructure

Environmental savings

– more than 90% carbon reduction compared to traditional resurfacing

Minimise disruption

to the travelling public by applying during night closures


certification and CE Mark – meeting the requirements of Clause 950 in the Specification for Highway Works

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