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Asphalt Surfacing Contractors

Frank Henry Williams imported one of the first Barber-Green paver machines into the UK from America in the early part of the twentieth century. The paver was put to work on resurfacing sections of the A5 through parts of Shropshire. Although the materials and technology has moved on, the principles remain the same today.

We are able to draw upon a wide range of pavers to suit the size and nature of the contract and we benefit from competitive material prices from our key asphalt suppliers.

We offer traditional machine-lay and hand-lay asphalt surfacing, as well as more specialist resin surfacing.

With the ability to offer such a wide range of surfacing options, we are best-placed to provide expert advice on the best performing and most cost-effective surfacing solution for our clients’ requirements.

We combine the asphalt macadam surfacing works with the civil engineering and/or surface dressing operations to provide our customers with a unique ‘one-stop-shop’ service.

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Machine Lay

We have a wide range of machine lay options available to us with widths varying from 1.20m to 4.80m wide and, for larger surfacing areas, we can offer echelon paving to reduce the frequency of longitudinal joints in the laying mat, and, in turn, increase the lifespan of the surfacing.

Hand Lay & NRSWA Reinstatements

With up to 10 directly employed NRSWA qualified supervisors and operatives we are able to provide highway reinstatement services to utility companies, local authorities and main contractors.  We also carry out hand lay surfacing works to smaller areas within Section 278 works, driveways and footways for private landowners and main contractors. More recently, we have completed an extensive package of driveway construction and surfacing works across Wrexham CBC’s housing stock.

Footway and minor carriageway slurry sealing.

Footway slurry sealing and hand-lay carriageway slurry sealing provides a cost-effective and successful method of sealing cracks and minor fretting to surface courses. It can be used to seal patches and NRSWA reinstatement to prevent potholes forming and cracks opening around reinstatements. Our gangs have been carrying out this process for over 30 years and we expect it to remain a go-to in the highway engineer’s choice of maintenance options for the following 30 years and beyond.

Asphalt Surfacing/Asphalt Preservation - Combination.

As soon as an asphalt surface is laid the oxidisation process begins. Bitumen binders harden, become brittle and the process of deterioration begins. By applying an asphalt preservation system to the newly laid surface course, the surface is sealed and protected, and the oxidisation process is deferred by up to 5 years. This fresh approach to highway maintenance provides the asset owner with an environmentally beneficial option combined with the economic advantages of an extended surfacing lifespan.


accredited to lay Jobling Purser’s Pro-screed crack sealing and over-banding system


all-in process by combining our in-house bond coating and vertical jointing functions


accredited to lay Hanson Clause 942 Tuffpave asphalt surface course range

Increased tensile strength

and reduced demand on resources by combining polymer modified asphalts with geo-grid applications

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