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Frank Henry Williams imported one of the first Barber-Green paver machines into the UK from the USA in the early part of the twentieth century. The paver began to resurface sections of the A5 through Shropshire and, although the materials and technology have since moved on, the principles remain the same today.

Here at Henry Williams & Son, we use a wide range of pavers to suit the size and nature of the project and we benefit from competitive material prices from our key asphalt suppliers.

We provide traditional machine-lay and hand-lay asphalt surfacing, together with more specialist resin surfacing.

With the ability to offer such a wide range of surfacing options, we are best-placed to provide expert advice on the best performing and most cost-effective surfacing solution for our clients’ requirements.

We combine the asphalt macadam surfacing works with the civil engineering and/or surface dressing operations to provide our customers with a unique ‘one-stop-shop’ service.


Asphalt Surfacing

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Why choose Henry Williams & Son for Asphalt Surfacing?

  • We are accredited to BBA HAPAS to:-
  • - lay Jobling Purser’s Pro-screed crack sealing and over-banding system
  • - lay Hanson Clause 942 Tuffpave asphalt surface course range
  • We provide a cost-effective all-in-one process by combining our in-house bond coating and vertical jointing functions
  • Our asphalt provides increased tensile strength and reduced demand on resources by combining polymer modified asphalts with geo-grid applications.

What is Asphalt Surfacing?

As asphalt surfacing contractors here in the UK, we provide asphalt made from stone aggregate mixed with a bonding agent which is tough, durable and able to withstand large volumes of traffic.

What is Asphalt Surfacing
suitable for?

As asphalt is a hardwearing and low-maintenance surface, it is used for roads, pavements, playgrounds, car parks and runways, and any other project where asphalt is deemed to be the best surfacing solution – and the most cost-effective.


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As a full-service highway maintenance contractor and civil engineering specialist, Henry Williams & Co can combine services or adapt to different project scopes, whether you need to preserve long stretches of asphalt in a phased treatment schedule or arrange ad hoc support to improve the performance of newly laid road systems.

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