Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Benefits All…

Henry Williams & Son Ltd has always supported the philosophy that local jobs should be for local people where possible.

We support the Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and aim to align our policies and procedures against the Act’s 7 well-being goals; prosperity, resilience, health, equality, cohesive communities, vibrant culture and language plus global responsibility.

Historically, Henry Williams & Son (Roads) Limited have benefitted from a ready supply of dedicated, hardworking and multi-skilled local workers.  We recognise that early engagement and development of the workforce through on-site experience, and internal/external training, benefits both the employer and employee. 

Some of the things we have undertaken in the local community include

Home-Start Wrexham

HW&S is an active supporter of Home-Start, Wrexham where our Chairman is on the Board of Trustees. We support not only through donations but also advice and support on management systems and Health & Safety, and practically through our on-site staff repairing fencing, for example, supporting the goal to have safe places to live and play. With money donated by us, we helped Home-Start procure a storage container and provided them with land on which to keep it, this houses white goods and baby equipment for local families in need.

Donate to Home-Start Wrexham

Cefn Druids

We also sponsor the local football team Cefn Druids where we carry out practical works to support the upkeep of the club facilities.

We will support other local charities through sponsorships and donations where possible.

Gwenfro Valley Adventure Playground

We are pleased to have recently teamed up with Gwenfro Valley Adventure Playground to supply materials for their adventure playground and help with the reinstatement of the perimeter security fence. 

Gwenfro Valley Play provide outdoor play and learning experiences for school children aged between 5 and 16 years old.

Responsible sourcing & carbon reduction

Our long-standing environmental credentials are available for scrutiny.  We do not ‘greenwash’.  This year we will complete the installation of Phase 3 of our photovoltaic installations – to generate 100% of our green electricity and provide future-proofed electric for a growing EV fleet. We will also move our entire vehicle fleet over to hybrid electric, full electric or hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).  This will reduce our carbon footprint to 90% green and we will offset the remaining 10% until we can find a way of removing this residual.

We hold PlanetMark certification.