Our Retread Services

Our eco-friendly road retread solution not only saves resources, it is also a cost-effective recycling process.

Existing aggregate in the carriageway, footway or other infrastructure is planed, regraded, and reprofiled, before hot-applied bitumen emulsion is added, and recompacted to the required line and level.

Retread has been successfully carried out for many years in urban and rural locations; for carriageways, footways, car parks and low-speed HGV parking plus storage/yard areas.

This innovative and environmentally-friendly process provides significant reductions in resource, carbon, cost, time and inconvenience to stakeholders, compared to traditional resurfacing solutions.




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What are the benefits of
Retread Services?

Benefits include:-

  • Up to 50% cost savings in comparison to traditional plane-out and re-lay solutions
  • Reduced importation of quarried materials, asphalt and/or bitumen macadam
  • Significant carbon reduction ie. reduced energy consumption and wagon movements
  • Relatively quick process with the potential for each section of carriageway/footway to be reopened at the end of each shift to minimise disruption
  • Minimal landfill costs with tar-bound material retained (locked-in) on site
  • Potential to import and lock-in extra tar-bound material from other sites to create a revenue stream and/or contract savings
  • Allowance of re-profiling of cracked/deformed carriageway and footway surfaces.

Why choose Henry Williams & Son for Retread Services?

Here at Henry Williams & Son, our focus over the last 12 years has been to actively identify and introduce positive measurable steps in order to reduce our impact on the natural environment.

Our Retread service reduces the amount of energy and therefore, carbon footprint, that would be incurred if surface dressing or replacement of the decaying aggregate were to be chosen. Where possible, our Retread service is able to provide a viable, cost-effective alternative solution.

We are continually actively searching for ways to reduce our carbon footprint as a company. Find out more about our Environmental Policy here.



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