Pioneering Sustainability for
over 150 years

Our story begins in the 1860s when Henry Williams & Son first emerged as a family business. Today, five generations later, we proudly uphold our legacy as a leading business in our industry. However, amidst our journey, we've witnessed the planet's temperature shift from -1ºC to +1ºC, prompting us to re-evaluate our environmental impact.

In 2012, we recognised our role in this global challenge and made a conscious decision to address it. This marked the beginning of our commitment to identifying and mitigating our environmental footprint. We took action by implementing our inaugural 9KW Photovoltaic (PV) System, a move that not only paid for itself within three years but also generated over 93,741Kw of clean energy to date. Through this initiative, we have saved more than 258 tonnes of carbon emissions by April 2022 and invested over £100k in our environmental activities.

  • Saved more than 258 tonnes of carbon emissions
  • Invested over £100k in our environmental activities

A forward-thinking company

As a forward-thinking company, we embraced the responsibility to lead by example. We have meticulously assessed, managed, and integrated sustainable practices into our business operations. Our efforts extend beyond internal improvements as we are committed to raising awareness within our industry and community, inspiring others to join the sustainability movement.

Over the past 12 years, we've made significant strides in reducing our carbon footprint. By transitioning to renewable energy sources and implementing innovative technologies like solar PV systems and batteries, we have achieved tangible results. Almost our entire company fleet is now electrified (we only have two hybrids remaining), and we have replaced conventional heating systems with biomass-powered alternatives, resulting in a saving of 436t of CO2e over a decade.

Our commitment to sustainability is underlined by our Environmental Policy, guiding our workplaces, employees, and stakeholders towards environmentally responsible practices. We've adopted a carbon measurement system per employee, enabling us to track our progress accurately. As a result, we've achieved an absolute carbon reduction of -26.4% and a per-employee reduction of -28.4%.

Planet Mark Certification

Henry Williams & Son is proud to hold the Planet Mark Certification, validating our efforts in reducing our carbon footprint and engaging with stakeholders.

Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to further diminishing our environmental impact. Our future plans include expanding our PV capacity, introducing Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) fuel, and extending our sustainability initiatives to our suppliers and subcontractors.

As we reflect on our journey spanning over a century and a half, we acknowledge the imperative for change. A robust environmental policy is not just ethical but also financially prudent for businesses like ours and we are continuing to work towards empowering everyone to contribute to a sustainable future.

We hold PlanetMark certification.


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